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kaziranga tour package

Sol Village

Think about vernacular materials, Mud, Clay, Bamboo, Tree trunks, Haye, Rice straws, Sand, Limestone, and Rockstone etc. These are some of many old traditional building materials that were used earlier before the modernization and globalization in Mankind, Keeping the local architecture and pristine environment in mind, the Shelters are built primarily with local available materials and made by villages bordering the National park and surrounding the premises.

The whole Idea of Sol Village is try and make the place Self-sustainable , where we try to grow our own edibles, try to harvest rain water in a pond to bread small fish and use hand-drilled pump for water supplies in our bathroom, kitchen and seek help from the Sun to provide electricity for our daily consumption.

Amenities inside the huts, provided for the Guest:

  • Double bed or Twin bed sharing
  • Drinking water bottles
  • Self-make Tea or coffee electric kettle
  • Local bakery Biscuits
  • Charging points, fan, light
  • Mini refrigerated
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Flush toilet, 24 hour water supply hot or cold


Customizable package on request .i.e. Kaziranga and around, beautiful Assam if more than 3 Nights 4 days.

Package Cost

1 Night 2 Days
single                                 INR6500
double                               INR9500
extra per person            INR4000

2 Night 3 Days
single                                 INR10,000
double                               INR14,000
extra per person            INR5500

3 Night 4 Days
single                                 INR16,500
double                               INR22,000
extra per person            INR9500

We practice Biodynamic farming

There are various aspects of such type of farming; main aim is to keep the circle of plans, livestock’s and human in one uniformed structure, this type of farming realis more on the biological bases of the Soil then just physical or chemical aspect, whereas all natural manures are used to repair or fertile the soil for the crops, and plats rotation without deteriorating it. The process relies on ecology, biodiversity and cycles adaptation to local conditions.

Advantages of using organic foods

Taste: The foremost thing is the product is very health without polluting the soil; it tastes even better from the regular food stock at the daily markets.

Natural pest control: Instead of pesticides we encourage biological pest control where the good insects and bees take care of the farm that is in abundant.

Recycle: No wastes or left outs are produced all that is grown and the remains are again used as compost or biological manure as fertilizers.

Reuse: Excesses produces helps in obtaining the seeds back for latter plowing and harvesting.

SOL VILLAGE – Eco friendly stay

Want to do organic farming? Come and stay at Sol Village Kaziranga in the nature.

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Do Organic farming at Sol Village Kaziranga and stay with the nature. Learn Organic Farming.

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